Ava’s Diary


Hey gents! I have just returned home after a great weekend in Leicester. Just want to say a big thank you to all the clients who booked me and that I will be back in Leicester soon.


As many of you guys will know I have graduated now and have my Degree….it was a lot of hard work and I have moved back home and got a job, however I am popping back to see my naughty regular and new clients so please keep an eye on the website for dates when I am visiting Leicester….hopefully we can meet up and have fun! See you soon xxx

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Recently I have been trying to get fit by running. However because I have a natural bust I have found that I have to wear two bras or I will get a black eye…not to mention how many people stare out me! Seriously have you never seen a lady with big boobs running before! Please don’t ask me to run on my bookings hahaha

You can see my new boulder holders thou!


Been so busy with my studies as it’s crunch time! But this has not stopped me from enjoying my bookings and being extra naughty and making sure that I really look sexy for my bookings. I’ve taken full advantage of the Jan sales and have lots of gorgeous new underwear!


I haven’t been able to be available that often as I have been busy with study but I will be back and working more often soon, so please leave time for little me! i’ve got lots of sexy new outfits so make sure when I am back you call Laura to book me. I have been working out and i think I’m looking pretty good. I am sure Laura will advertise when I am back in Leicester and working pretty much full-time


Well, I have really enjoyed being at home for Christmas but I am looking forward to coming back and seeing all my lovely clients in the New Year. I am really looking forward to a certain booking in Jan….I absolutely cannot wait! You know who you are!

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