Gabrielle’s Feedback

(June 2014)
I was fortunate to be able to spend the evening with both Rose and Gabrielle! a new highlight to the year so far. The time sent with these beautiful women was a pleasure that words can’t describe, yet again the only down was the fact they had to leave. I will be looking forward in anticipation to the next opportunity – thank you Laura, Gabrielle and Rose. xxx
(September 2013)
She is beautiful. I don’t mean that she is pretty or that she is good looking I seriously mean that she is beautiful. She has the most stunning dark eyes and when she smiles its just…! I enjoyed my time with her so very much. She is intelligent and amusing and if you are a legs man you will be in heaven. Still thinking about her now!!
(May 2013)
I booked Gabrielle as Laura recommended her. I was a bit hesitant at first because of her young age, however Laura assured me she is very mature for her age and WOW her attitude is more that of a thirty year old. She exudes confidence and a sex appeal that blew me away. Next time I’ll be booking an overnight with this special lady. I won’t discuss what we did together as I am a gent however needless to say when she left I was smiling from ear to ear! Treat this lady with the upmost respect guys, she’s a gem!