Lady Eva



***Extra Naughty….Lady Eva enjoys duo bookings with Lilly, Ava, Imogen and Rebecca***

Descending from an Arabic state but brought up in the UK, Lady Eva is one passionate lady. She’s a sensuous Leicester escort who has all the right moves to make you feel like a NEW MAN! Let her seduce you with her big loveable eyes, long thick dark hair and silky soft bronzed skin. Lady Eva not only looks fantastic but she’s a naughty lady who says escorting is her ‘sexy’ hobby and makes her feel on top of the world. Lady Eva goes to great lengths to make sure you are utterly satisfied, choosing just the right outfit and making the atmosphere relaxing and ultra calming. Relax in this ladies arms and let all the stresses of life float away. Yes, she’s that good!

This lady is immaculately dressed. She portrays the image of a corporate secretary rather than a high class escort; so it might come as a shock when you discover that she’s actually a temptress. Would you like to unleash Lady Eva? Go on! I dare you! Just read her feedback and see that she is already building up quite a fan base here at Midland Belles.

With a naughty twinkle in her eyes, Lady Eva will give you a massage that will cast away all your stresses and bring you into a world of peace and tranquillity.


Lady Eva is a cultured lady and very well travelled. Escorting is a part-time affair for Eva and so it is best to book in advance. This lady lives life in the fast lane and likes adventure, confessing to me at her interview that she really wants to experiment! Just imagine arriving for a booking with Lady Eva. You’re excited and you can’t wait to meet her…she opens the door standing before you, her long dark hair cascading around her shoulders, just caressing the top of her blossoming cleavage. You simply can’t wait to hold her, to talk to her and find out more about this beautiful lady…I’ll let you finish the rest of the story:)

Get to know Lady Eva that little bit more……

Describe yourself in three words…. Clever, deep and versatile

Your best feature? I love my hair but from a male perspective I have some pretty amazing skills (wink, wink)

What’s your idea of an amazing date? A long walk in the countryside followed by a long, cosy dinner at a lovely, intimate restaurant.

And on this date, what do you like as a tipple? Oohhhh a Vodka and Tonic is lovely

What’s your favourite place to visit? Why Spain of course! Seville….the Tapas is to die for

How do you like to dress for your dates? I am always dressed smartly. I’m highly organised and like to reflect that in the way i look, but this doesn’t mean I’m not fun!

If your date would like to purchase you a gift what would you like?Ooohhh a shopping trip to London would be wonderful!

What do you like about escorting? I get to explore the adventurous side of myself.

What’s turns you off when you are on a date? I hate people who are rude and arrogant. If I am on a date a my date is rude to staff I feel awful and embarrassed.