Personal Info:
Age: 21
Nationality: British
Hair: Blonde
Bust: 34E
Height: 5ft 3'
Eyes: Hazel
Dress size: 10
Fave drink: French Martini
Fave perfume: Lancôme Hypnôse Senses
Will Entertain couples:
Bisexual:  No

Her angel's face, As the great eye of heaven shined bright, And made a sunshine in the shady place.' - Edmund Spenser

Amelia Feedback:
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A blonde young beauty with a curvy yet slim figure, Amelia will take your breath away with her natural beauty. This gorgeous Leicester escort is a real natural English Rose. No hair extensions, fake nails or hair dye needed here….she’s all natural. Not only does Amelia ooozze an intimate sexy zeal but she’s also very mature for her years, relishing in talk about current affairs, films and she’s an avid reader.


Not what you would expect from your typical lady of the night…Amelia breaks down all those preconceived ideas people have about escorts. Opting for a healthy lifestyle, Amelia doesn’t enjoy drinking or smoking unlike many ladies of her age. Instead Amelia enjoys culture and making the most life has to offer.

Amelia has an angelic quality about her and will put you at ease straight away with her compassionate, sweet and kind nature. Offering an unbeatable girlfriend experience, Amelia loves sensuous bookings and is the perfect companion to relax and unwind with.

Get to know Amelia that little bit more…..

What’s the best meal you’ve ever had?
When I was in Edinburgh I had this amazing meal of Pork Cheek in Red Wine.

Where have you been on holiday that you would never forget?
I went on a tour around Scotland, Lochness, Isle of Mull…it was the best adventure ever!

What are your favourite films?
I love musicals and adventure films. Sweeney Todd and the Harry Potter series. I adore Wes Anderson as a director so The Grand Budapest Hotel has to be up there as my fave too!

Do you like older men?
Yes I adore the company of mature gentleman and I relish talking about the times they have had.

What’s your fave flowers?

(December ’15)
Yes another fantastic meeting. Again dressed as requested she looked Devine that ever cheeky glint in those eyes present. She was up for fun tonight…
(December ’15)
I had the pleasure of meeting Amelia on Laura’s recommendation. When I opened my door to her I was simply captivated she is simply beautiful with a naughty cheeky sparkle in her eyes. This was Amelia’s first booking so we chatted for a little while to calm nerves. Then she leaned in to kiss me and I was instantly transported to heaven. What occurred after will always remain between me and Amelia, but do not be put off by the selfies you will be blown away by how beautiful this girl really is. Thank you so so much Laura xxx