As the clock struck 12 on new years eve, you made promises to yourself. You probably made some promises to yourself that it was time to gain financial freedom this year. Two weeks later and you’re still in the same role you were last year with no idea how to get out. 

This is a new decade. Anything holding you back in 10’s should now propel you forward in the roaring ’20s. So ask yourself, are you looking for a career change that can offer flexible working hours, independent working hours and the oppertunity to be your boss? Become an escort!

Why Become an Escort?

In a world where job security is at an all-time low and new businesses fail quicker than they start, there is one industry that is as old as time itself and more reliable than any union: Escorting. There is a reason that through financial uncertainty, escorting has remained a beacon of opportunity for women to advance through the economic ladder and be their own boss. What could be better than starting the decade of working your own hours, getting paid as much as you want and getting to spend time with people who value your company so much that they are willing to pay for it?

Why work with Midland Belles?

Midland Belles is an escort agency that was created by escorts, for escorts. We know how difficult it can be working independently and struggling to find work on a regular basis. We have a regular client base who trust and respect our escorts. When working with an agency like ours, you can count on a support network for all the stresses that come with being an escort. We look after our girls in any way we can, from offering support to their emotional wellbeing to providing a safe space for incall bookings. 

What you need to Work with Us

Being one of the most trusted escort agencies in the Midlands we want to make sure that we are only taking on girls who match the high standards that our customers expect. To work with us you must meet the following:

  • English speaker with excellent communication skills. 
  • Be able to travel.
  • Take pride in your appearance and make an effort for your clients.  
  • Hard worker that loves to meet new people. 

Being an escort has never made more sense. We want to help ladies across the Midlands enhance and improve their situation and we think that there is no better industry than escorting to do that. 

Midland Belles will not take applicants from third parties. We are by women, for women. For more information, check out our recruitment page!

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