Selfie Escorts

Book a natural selfie escort with Midland Belles tonight 

Are you looking to book a naughty escort tonight but have no idea where to start or what type of girl to book? 

Whether you’ve never booked an escort before or you’re a regular with us, you want to know that the girl you see in the picture is going to be the one that you end up meeting. Here at Midland Belles we are proud to say that we have the most seductive and enticing escorts in the Midlands and our girls are the most natural around. This is why we have listed all of our beautiful escorts with selfies in one place for you to browse. We have extremely high standards of service at our agency, so you can rest assured that  our selfie escorts are all genuine - no filters, no edits.. 

What is a selfie escort? 

A selfie escort is not an escort that is obsessed with taking pictures of herself, on the contrary, these girls have chosen to upload natural pictures that have not been edited, airbrushed or enhanced in any way. Many of our customers love the fact that all of our girls are genuine and authentic, what could be more authentic than a selfie? Some of our girls have images listed that have been taken during modelling shoots and look even better in person but we understand that sometimes you want to see exactly what you’re getting. We believe that establishing trust between our escorts and our customers is very important, and viewing our gallery of selfie escorts is the best way to see your chosen escort 

Our Sexiest Selfie escorts 


 sexy babe taking selfie in revealing top  brunette escort in red lacy bra


Brunette babe taking selfie in lacy black top sexy escort taking semi-naked selfie


sexy Eva taking selfie in revealing top


girl taking selfie in blue light gorgeous babe in black lingerie


Rebecca in triangle pink bikini taking selfie Blonde babe in black lingerie


blonde babe in black lacy top taking selfie sexy babe lying on bed taking selfie



Why Book a Selfie escort? 

When choosing which pictures that they want to use to represent themselves online, it makes sense that escorts would want to advertise themselves using the best possible pictures that they can possibly take. This is why many escorts hire professional photographers for a photoshoot and then choose the best pictures for their profile. Even without enhancements or edits to the photographs, this can lead to clients having unrealistic expectations of their escorts. However, our selfie escorts recognise that their customers want to see the genuine article.

Selfie escorts are completely transparent and have absolutely nothing to hide. That does not mean that any escorts that do not list selfie images offer any worse of a service, but booking a selfie escort just gives you that peace of mind that you’re going to always get the girl that you had your eyes set on. When viewing a selfie escorts profile, you can see her for what she truly is, all of her imperfections and flaws. As a society, we are obsessed with perfection and editing out the very things that make us who we are. Booking a selfie escort is much more than a night of fun, it shows that you prioritise natural beauty above all else. 

How to book a Natural selfie escort with Midland Belles 

Booking our selfie escorts is easy here at Midland Belles - you can call our agency on 0753 408 0186 and speak to our reception staff who will be able to arrange your booking and answer any questions you may have about booking selfie escorts.

You can also book online using our convenient booking form - simply enter your contact details, choose the name of the escort you want to book from the drop-down menu, and fill out the form with the details of your booking such as date, time, address and duration. If you have any special requests or specific requirements, be sure to include these with your booking and we will do our best to cater to your needs.

If you have a seen a sexy selfie escort that has caught your an eye on our site and want to make your dreams become a reality then please do not hesitate and get in contact to book one tonight.

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