Valentines is the Day of Love...Or is it?

Valentine’s day is the globally recognised day of love. Couples all over the world use it as an excuse to spoil their other half with gifts, take them out for meals and all sorts of disgustingly sweet gestures of love. For half of the world, it is a day to celebrate their relationship but what about the millions who are single? 

For those who spend their time without the company of a lover, Valentine’s day can be a very lonely and isolating time, which is why we have two answers to all of your questions! 

Book an escort on Valentine’s day!

In the UK alone, the Valentines day market is said to worth over £1 billion every single year and that figure is set to rise. The majority of that capital is spent on cards, restaurants and jewellery. All of which are inflated in price in the lead up to valentines day. The irony is that valentines day was a public holiday promoted by the card companies in the USA, in an attempt to sell more greeting cards during the post-Christmas season. 

What are the advantages to the average person for Valentine’s day? You’re expected to spend at least £100 on drinks, flowers, chocolate on a girl that may not even reciprocate your interest. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to guarantee that the girl you put all that effort in with is going to reward you with a night that you will never forget? 
Well, let us turn your dreams into reality. Instead of spending your night with a girl that may or may not even want your attention, book a Midland Belles Leicester escort! Our girls are always happy to see you and know exactly how to please. The great thing is that there is no hidden pretences. With a Midland Belles escort, you know exactly what you’re going to get, a beautiful British babe that has experience and real sex appeal. 

Become an Escort this Valentines Day! 

If booking an escort this Valentines day is out of the question for you, then why not become one? So many girls get in contact with us this time of the year wanting to join our team but have no idea where to start or what it entails. To be clear, as an agency, our main priority is your happiness. We win when you win, so we are always looking to improve the standard of service you can provide, both physically and emotionally. 

Being an escort is so much more than physical attraction, it is being there for someone who needs a shoulder to cry on. It is helping someone escape the day to day of their mundane life. Best of all, it is a great way to earn more money than you ever thought was possible!

Valentine’s day is the perfect time to finally get your year rolling if you feel like 2020 hasn’t quite gotten off to the start you wanted! If that is the case, we recommend reading our blog about why 2020 is the year to become an escort, check it out!

And if all else fails, someone might buy you flowers this Valentine’s day!

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