We are Open

Hi guys,

It's been a turbulent few months because of the COVID pandemic. As you all know I closed the agency months ago and I am now slowly re-opening. I would like to say a big thank you to all our clients who have text and called to enquire how I am and the ladies. This has meant the world to me! It's been a very hard time but I am pleased to say we are back! Many ladies who were regulars at MB have decided escorting is no longer for them, so as you can see there are less ladies available. I am recruiting so please keep an eye out on twitter to see updates and, of course, the website.

Due to the pandemic I decided to let go of our incall apartment. The main reason for this is that with all the will in the world I cannot go and clean it after every booking, to do so would mean I would be an on call cleaner! The moral implications of knowing that Covid stays on surfaces and can be passed on this way means incall at this moment is impossible. I am sure that in the future I can re-open incalls, but for now it's outcall only until there's a vaccine for the virus and I can safely re-open knowing that our regular cleaning schedule is sufficient.

I will be updating the calendar in due course. For now I have put ladies' available dates on their profiles. Corrin is back and available BUT needs lots of notice and cannot give specific dates, Lady Eva and Lilly have dates published on their profiles. If you are not sure please do text me. However, there can be NO short notice bookings nor really late night unless booked in advance. 

I am over joyed at the love sent towards me through this terrible time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, it really does mean so much.Please bear with.....:)

Laura Xxx


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