Summer’s Diary


Wow! I have been so busy recently that I haven’t been as available but this has allowed me more time to get ready for my dates and really put lots into looking amazing for each booking.

As many of you know I am now blonde. I love being blonde and I can honestly say that blondes have more fun:) hehe

I am looking forward to my Christmas bookings and meeting lots of new clients. I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy some amazing weekends away with a wonderful client. He’s just dreamy! Thank you hunni, I really do cherish the moments we spend together. 

I do hope you will all book me and make more memories:) 


Hi everyone….well I don’t really have that much to say apart from the fact that I’ve now been with Midland Belles for over a year and can honestly say it’s been amazing. I’ve really enjoyed my weekends away, overnight bookings and of course meeting new clients. it’s a good job I have been busy because as many of you know I have quite a shopping addiction, especially for designer bags and shoes! I hope you all love my pictures and can see how hard I have been working on getting my outfits just right to tease you into booking me:) hehehe

Ok Sexy Summer wants to let you know what she’s been up to so read her blog and find out!


Been enjoying catching up with old friends recently and I am a big believer in always making time for your family and friends. I love going out for food and having great conversation! Dinner dates are really my favourite part of escorting as there are some really great places to eat in Leicester at the moment 🙂


Had a fantastic time working for Midland Belles and it has allowed me to indulge in my fave past time….shopping! At the moment I have my eye on a sexy lingerie set and a Gucci Bag. I’ve met some truly lovely clients and I’m looking forward to meeting more…

Belle: Summer       /       Age: 25